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Post VFX Cali SAS is a Colombian based company and offers a broad spectrum of VFX services including 911 and overflow work:


  • 2D / compositing

    • design and concept

    • creation and integration

    • matte painting / digital environment

    • roto

  • 3D animation / CGI 

    • modelling

    • texturing

    • animation

    • lighting

    • Rendering

    • Motion Tracking /Match Move

  • Simulation and Rendering 

  • Character design and animation


We pride ourselves on having a strong Supervision and Production team from the U.S. and Australia together with a team of local artists, procured for their experience and talent.  We are able to offer highly competitive rates with the highest quality VFX.  

We are also on hand to help facilitate the application submission for the Colombian government cash rebate incentive.  To promote foreign investment in Colombia, the government offer up to 40% cash rebate to investment over $470,000 USD. Click here for further information  or contact us directly.

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